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Instant Screaming 64: Camping

The leaves are changing, the sun is setting earlier, and the smell of woodfire is in the air Screamers. That can only mean one thing - crazy people are being burned alive in the woods. Or wait, it's fall and we did a camping episode. Yeah thats the one. We sat down with local eaglescout and #cuteboy Alex Trader to talk scary camping movies. The biggest thing we learn: like, fuck bears. Seriously.

Instant Screaming Presents: Now Slaying “IT”

What are you scared of screamers? Because The Midnight Society appears to be afraid of conciseness and non-popular opinions. Yes we're here to rave about the IT reboot, play a too comlicated game of Friendpocalypse and kick serious ass at trivia. Also, listen to our weird dream-casting of the IT kids as grown-ups and Flash fawns over the brillance of child actors. Again.

Instant Screaming Presents: Now Slaying “Annabelle: Creation”

Grab your dollies and scoot up to the fire because The Midnight Society sure has a lot to say about Annabelle: Creation. This slumber party sleeper hit was certainly a divisive film all around the circle as we stayed up way too late on a Wednesday to debate the KINDS of haunted dolls that would be the most fucked up (Thanks Friendpocalypse!) and get an assist from some Small Soldiers in our war against evil. It's monvie pitches and another photo based trivia and we all know James Wan is LISTENING AND TRYING TO STEAL OUR IDEAS FOR FIFTY BUCKS OKAY.

Instant Screaming Presents: Now Slaying “Wish Upon”

Snuggle Up Midnight Society, we're going slumber party scares with The Tale of Wish Upon! (Fun fact: the actual first AYAOTD episode was also a monkeys paw so...get new ideas or whatever.) It's a PG 13, be careful what you wish for, omg what happened to Ryan Phillipe, Barb from Stranger Things fun fest as we look at one of the most overlooked movies of the summer. We play wish trivia, FRIENDPOCALYPSE our ideal genie situation and create an entire Wish Upon franchise that HOLLYWOOD NEEDS TO HEAR OKAY? 

Instant Screaming 63: Video Games

And The finish line is just around the bend. I'll pause this game so our love will never end Screamers. Come sit down with ACTUAL video game expert Mike TV, back from our Alien Abduction episode, as we talk Uwe Boll, Clint Howard and why video game horror movies are...whatever the are! Mike plays 10 for 10 2.0 on expert level, Justin talks nazi lesbian vampires, and Flash is out to sea because she only owns a Wii.

Instant Screaming Presents: Now Slaying “47 Meters Down”

Ahoy there Midnight Society! Gather round and get wet because we're traveling down, down, down to the depths of the water horror genre with Dame Amanda Moore. We learn some interesting facts about SHARKS, review a lot better movies than 47 meters down, play a game of FRIENDPOCALYPSE at the bottom of the Ocean and plan for SHARK OF THE COVENANT. God that movie sounds so fucking good.

Instant Screaming 62: Gay Pride

We're all born naked and the rest is drag, Who, who do you think you are? Who do you think you are screamers? This month we're tackling that most releveant issue, Gay Babadook. Is he gay? IS that the meta narrative? Does he LITERALLY come out of the closet?! We also watch one of the only other (!!!) gay horror movies. We're joined by Jess Rivera and put on our smarty caps to discuss the most TIMELY episode we've ever done. 



Instant Screaming Presents: Now Slaying “Alien: Covenant”

Greetings new members of The Midnight Society! We're super stoked to bring you episode 2 of NOW SLAYING! We delve into Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant, play horror trivia and try to navigate the overcomplexity of FRIENDPOCALPSE in space!

Instant Screaming 61: Board Games

Ouija Board, would you work for me? I have got to say hello to an old SCREAMER. BAHHHH. Terrible. It's our board game episode friends and fiends, so pull up a chair, open a mountain dew and get to rolling them die. We joined an old classic with a new classic (?) and fight about what makes a good movie. Hint: a plot generally helps. DAMN. We're joined by charming pal Nick Baldwin as he rants and raves about board games, bands and Brian Gilbert. WILL HE TOPPLE HIS THRONE?!!


Instant Screaming 60: The Sharknado Marathon

Can't you feel 'em circlin' honey? Can't you feel 'em swimmin' around? Well we said we were gonna do it and we did it. Tune in for the twists and turns as we take a nautical deep dive into America's favorite Tara Reid vehicles. Spolier alert: we loved them.


Featuring: Brian Gilbert, Bob Rose, Kristina Green, Eddie Lee, Matt Hachi Reid, Letitia Getka, Rachel Reckling, Brad Bukowsky, Bobby Harris and Brian Schmukler.