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Instant Screaming Presents: Now Slaying “The Belko Experiment”

Greetings new members of The Midnight Society! We're super stoked to bring you this first of many very special episodes that we're calling NOW SLAYING, reviews of new release horror! Meet the gang, hear they play trivia, listen in as they all almost stop being friends, and then pit their friends against one another in FRIENDPOCALYPSE. 


Instant Screaming 59: Weed

Voraciously devouring the way things are today, savagely deflowering the good ol' U.S.A., It's Reefer Screaming, Instant Madness, nah it's INSTANT SCREAMING!!! Terrence came out to see us from Colorado and give us a peek behind the Kimono so to speak as we sit down, for the first time ever, as a family. We talk about Colorado's number one export, we all lose Brian Gilberts 10 for 10 again, and discuss whatever the hell they were thinking when they made Halloweed. 


Instant Screaming 58: Cheerleaders

Hey Mickey, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind HEY SCREAMERS. Get pumped, pump it up, raise your fists and let's hear it for episode 58 team! Justin and Flash sat down with local sports expert, and returning guest, Phil Doccolo, in his hail mary to save episode 58. Listen as we explore the depths of what cheer horror has for us. Justin leads the game, finally, Flash gets way too intense about cheer stunts and Phil once again adds his unique spin on the horror genre. 

Gimme a D-I-E!


Instant Screaming 57: Babies

Baby love, my baby love, I need you oooo how I need you Screamers. We're back with the sultan of swing (if that was a podcast term, I'm not sure) Matt Pie of AILBS and Bonus Disc fame. I KNOW. We were excited too. We sat down to watch two baby themed horror movies: Antibirth and The Baby. That's right, we're doing Shudder movies now so strap in nerds. Tune in to listen to Sarah be insinuated upon, Justin go blank for blank and Matt insist we play the second round of Brian Gilbert. No one ever plays round 2 Matt. No one.


Instant Screaming 56: The Re-Animator

WAKE ME UP INSIDE. WAKE ME UP INSIDE. SAVE ME. Hey Screamers. How are you feeling today? Good? Need to go to the doctor? Are you feeling well? How's your healthcare? Need a referral? Let's talk about you. JK. Let's talk about the re-animator series. Well, the first two. We sit down with Tim Bernheimer, MD probably, to talk the healthcare industry, his robot house and the BIGGEST BATS IN THE WORLD.



55 - Cats

Touch me, It's so easy to leave me all alone with my memory of my days listening to this PODCAST. Hello my beautiful screamers, it's time to get cuddly cause we're talking Cats with Chuck Green. Listen in as he completely forgets he's done this show before, Justin and I wax poetic about being cat owners and we review some dumb ass horror movies.



54 - Kevin Smith

The time has come, our Screamer friends, to talk of many things. Of shoes and ships and ceiling wax, of cabbages and the first 2/3 of Kevin Smith's Great White North trilogy. This week, Flash records this episode with a brutal bout of food poisoning so she's probably actually dead. Justin sits down with Flash and her roommate to talk Kevin Smith, play a game, hang out and make bets on how long before Flash falls asleep at the table. 


53 - Christmas

Tis the season to be SCARY (fa la la la la la la die.) The snow is falling and the TV is on screamers. Justin and Flash cuddle up nice and cozy with Jesse Cumor to review two Christmas themed horror flicks. We talk Krampus, birthdays, comedy and Christmas of course! 



52 - Dogs

Who let the dogs out Screamers. Who. WHO. WHOM. 

It's been a crazy couple of weeks in podcast land. We're currently in the middle of transitioning back to being a strong, independent podcast that don't NEED NO network. 

We would like to take the time to thank Bob, Rex and everyone at Thundergrunt for a great two years. We love you losers. 

OKAY SO, a couple of weeks ago Flash and Justin sat down with TWO ACTUAL DOGS to discuss one actual movie and one thing that Justin made us watch. Honestly, it's been so long that we don't remember the episode soooo HAVE AT IT.



51 – The Halloween Suck-tacular

H-A-Double L-O-W-Double E-N spells GARBAGE FILMMAKING. A spooky helloooooo to you and yours Screamers on this most glorious Halloween season. In her last episode before Justin’s triumphant return Flash sits down with all three of her favorite guest (g)…